The Simplicity of Shelving in your Kitchen. Open shelving In kitchen design is on trend this Summer, talk to us about your kitchen ideas.
The Simplicity of Shelving in your Kitchen
July 1, 2021
Seating Areas within Kitchens. Take a look at our amazing bespoke seating areas within our kitchen designs.
Seating Areas within Kitchens
August 31, 2021

Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your house, especially in the long kids school holidays.  You will have plans to host extended family and lots of extra little people running around.  Here are a few tips how to get it ready…

  1. Clear your cupboards out and stock up!  Do one big shop for all the essentials… ingredients for cake making, cheese boards, gin & tonic (for medicinal purposes only!)
  2. Clear out your Fridge & Freezer.  We all have old bits and pieces lurking at the back of the fridge.  Have a big clear out and give the shelves a good wipe.  You will need the extra space to store desserts and left-overs for your ever hungry children.
  3. De-clutter.  Clear your worktops of any small appliances that may be in harms way and make room for kids crafting.
  4. Pick up extra bin bags and kitchen wipes – chances are you, you are going to need them

If your kitchen is the summer holiday gathering space for the whole family, it needs to be organised and comfortable to accommodate family and friends.  If your space is not working for you and your family please give us a call to discuss your requirements and let us create your perfect kitchen!