As Autumn is upon us and winter fast approaching a Boot room is a useful space to hang damp coats and store muddy boots. Call us with your ideas.
The Boot Room
October 15, 2020
Christmas 2020
December 23, 2020

Do you have enough storage this Christmas..?

Did you know, that on average we spend £102 for food just to serve on Christmas Day.  But once you have bought it all, where on earth are you going to keep it till the big day?

Our tip is to have a good clear out!  Check sell-by dates of jars and pickles at the back of your cupboards. Check your fridges and freezers for things you have forgotten about. If you are lucky enough to have a bespoke Knights Country Kitchen, you will already have clever storage solutions, as we maximise the space with clever pull out cupboards and larders.  Our designs encourage deep drawers, allowing you to use every bit of that height to store jars upright and optimise the space.

No one likes clutter and at Christmas time, with more people, more food, more gadgets, it’s key that you plan ahead.

Call Gemma & Hayley and let them solve your storage issues and design you a practical, beautiful bespoke kitchen for 2021.

Do you have enough storage this Christmas..? Let us help solve your kitchen storage problems in 2021. Bespoke Kitchens