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The Tap That Does It All!
June 9, 2022

Open Plan Kitchens

Traditionally, activities like cooking, dining, and socialising took place in separate spaces, however, as the separate dining room takes a back seat, everything the family loves doing an be done collectively in an open plan environment.

The appeal of open plan layouts can significantly increase your property value over and above the cost of design and build.

You will need to think carefully about how the space will be decorated and arranged. Such as how does kitchen cabinets and soft furnishings come together?

There are several options to consider. Maybe you should consider a large central island with integrated appliances and the vent free hob . An island when entertaining can become the social hub of your kitchen.

Now lighting… if you have a kitchen that doesn’t benefit from much natural light, choosing cabinets in a lighter colour can help to reflect the light you do have.

Transitions need to be seamless. This can be achieved by using the same flooring within each zone. This will help create a unified effect.

The family run team at Knights Country Kitchens are experts at designing kitchens to suit your lifestyle. Give them a call to discuss your ideas.