Venting Hobs - No More Cooking Smells. Say hello to these sleek and compacting Venting Hobs ideal for Kitchen Islands. Find out more today. Kitchens Suffolk
Venting Hobs – No More Cooking Smells
September 10, 2020
As Autumn is upon us and winter fast approaching a Boot room is a useful space to hang damp coats and store muddy boots. Call us with your ideas.
The Boot Room
October 15, 2020

Smart Technology for Your Kitchen

Who would have thought just a few years ago, that you could switch your oven on when sitting on the train on your way home? Or check the contents of your fridge with clever interior door cameras? Smart Technology for Your Kitchen

Smart Technology for your Kitchen is a must have in any new kitchen.  All the big brands have invested in smart appliances and Apps, as long as you have a smartphone, tablet and WiFi, you can now virtually connect to every appliance in your kitchen. Lets dive in to some of the best  innovations:-

The Fridge/Freezer – a virtual noticeboard for busy families packed with apps to help you. It’s the update of reminder notes that you used to stick on your fridge. They include internal cameras so you can track your food, expiry dates and where best to store your food.  Imagine being able to check how beers you have left before you get home!

The Smart Oven – you can control your whole cooking process from an app on your smartphone.  Hungry and in a hurry?  Switch the oven on when you leave work and it will be ready to cook the minute you walk through the door.

Kitchen GadgetsCook like Mary Berry… download apps and connect the scales and it will help you put in the exact ingredients. Don’t ever serve up undercooked meat to your guests again.  Download the app, insert the probe into your chosen meat or fish and the app will tell you the temperature and give you alerts on cooking all the way along. What about a touch-screen toaster, no more burnt bread, you can choose the level of crispiness and what your cooking. And, finally the slow cooker… just like the cooker, download the app and set your timings.

Worth noting is the automatic saucepan stirrer… sounds like the Weasley’s kitchen in Harry Potter, but it really does stir for you whilst you get on with other things.

To find our more about smart technology integrations with Knights Country Kitchens, give us a call to discuss your ideas.